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TrendHunter EA


Name of Expert Advisor (EA) which is also better known by the name Robot Trading is not in doubt. Thousands of investors and traders around the world have used it, Hundreds of EA with different types and models have been circulating all over the world, with a variety of different systems and analysis work as a reference transaction.

The Lovers of Forex and Index Trading around the world, on admit it or not, automated trading system Expert Advisor using proven far more effective in the appeal with manual trading done by humans, who have a lot of fatal flaws and weaknesses in terms of mental and control themselves.

If we are honest with ourselves, we certainly agree that lots of people who suffered losses in trading Forex and Index, and that most caused by weak self-control, often in a transaction between us just because of things - things is not important, among others, anger, boredom, bored, and some other reasons which should not be made the reason why we are in position. Trading however is a matter of timeliness, Forex run 24 hours nonstop, on the other hand it provides great opportunities for us, because it provides a longer chance, but on the other hand we are in demand to really observe the movement of forex to be find the time to enter the position.

In fact, we are human beings who can not be separated from weakness, sometimes, we're sitting in front of the computer for many hours - hours to wait for the right time to enter the market, and often we end up in positions in which the state is not waiting - waiting , we enter a position because we have a long saturated and can not find the right time and eventually bring us to ruin. In other cases, we often do not even dare to enter a position when opportunities are we waiting - waiting for has come because of the temptation of fear and doubt, that's the nature of our very human.

Trading is not something easy

If trading is something that easy, would have a lot of new rich people born from this field. Actually untu conditions theoretically be successful in trading is simple enough but it is very difficult to find and run.

Some Main Requirements to be Successful in Trading
True intentions

We bear in our hearts and minds of the true intentions of investment, not Gambling. Throw away - much the intention to gamble because it is the source of the beginning of the cerobohan.

Have sufficient funds

If we want to succeed in trading, we must have adequate funds, not that big. However, this time not only people who have large capital are to be successful in trading because it's there and Micro Mini Program account. Trading account and Micro Mini is the solution for the owners of capital who are not big enough. Someone who does Forex trading investment and Index by using the funds USD. Transactions in 5000 for regular accounts is ridiculous, but if the USD. 5000 on the use of transactions in a mini or micro account is very wise. So for mensikapi funds is not too large, then we have no choice but to direct our funds on a mini or micro account.

Own Trading System Analysis or a sharp and accurate

This is the most common thing and a yearning all traders and investors, millions of traders around the world would sit for hours - hours for many - years racked his brains to menemuka a trading technique sharp and accurate. Dozens of indicators provided by software Meta Trader 4 which provide for the traders. Thousands of ideas emerged from the thinking of the traders and ANALYS world to find a great strategy that is expected to be able to help our investors and traders to get the maximum benefit. It should be a lesson for us new players in the country which is still little experience in this field, why should we impose our creativity by staking hundreds of millions of dollars miliran even, why not learn it from people - people who have been successful in this field. In summary, analysis, or a Good Trading System, sharp and accurate must have, before trading at the start.

Having a very strong commitment to Launch Trading System Analysis or who owned.
Without a commitment, analysis or a sophisticated trading system though there would be no point. How not, as good as any a technique that is running if not commitment, it will always deny. Analysis or the system does not give orders Sign in position, a trader in the position. Analysis shows the chance and give the command into position, another trader does not see the monitor. Analysis gave the order does not entered position tader because seduced by fear and doubt. In these conditions, only a miracle will bring you to success in trading.

Commitment is very important, even almost to the katakana far more important than the analysis itself. Full commitment that includes discipline without the slightest compromise, the full commitment will be devoted to menuggu hours - hours, was the day - the day had even weeks - weeks of waiting the opportunity, and really - really not going to do the brutal act for any reason. The full commitment to take action with courage when opportunity comes without compromise and without the slightest hesitation. However, once again, we are humans who are equipped with a variety of supporting and inhibiting properties, such as laziness, fear, anger, seraka and some other spiritual qualities, we also can not be separated from the tired, tired, sleepy and some physical properties another. With such conditions, we will find it hard to be full commitment to the analysis and our Trading Plan.

Full Commitment, Discipline High, No tireless, do not know sleepy, very loyal, always obedient to the commands and will never be able to perfidy is important needs that must be owned by individual traders and investors in order to achieve success in trading and have it only in by Robot Trading

The question is, what happens if the analysis or the system that was in the Robot Trading (EA) turns out to be the wrong system and not the right target? The answer is, EA Robot will be a shredder unforgiving. As we have discussed above that full commitment is not one - the only requirement for success in trading, but only one, the rest is the accuracy or systems analysis and trading and sufficient funds. But now we will not be much of a challenge fund, because as we've discussed, there are now programs and Micro Mini Accounts that can make a little money to have the strength and great endurance. We will focus on discussing the full commitment and a reliable analysis.


TrendHunter is a Robot Tading (EA) who worked on the basis of analysis refers to one candlestick pattern. Forex Warriors and the index of Japan said that the candle is a candle, which is sufficient to represent all of the analysis. Of the many candlestick patterns that describe the behavior of Forex and Index is one pattern that is extraordinary even a little step, we call it by Trend Hunter. As a trader who makes the interests of clients Profit is the main thing than anything, it's natural if we do not mind the small number of transactions within 1 month. TrenHunter EA, working with the trend of reference as the name suggests. TrendHunter EA is a robot that is equipped with several simple features, among others, Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop, simplicity is the force that is extraordinary, it is a principle as the engine TrendHunter Trend Hunter.

With the formation of place settings Take Profit is much greater than the Stop Loss, Trailing Stop with the same Stop Loss, showing courage that is extraordinary as the image confidence in the accuracy of a system.

Unlike most other EA, most of whom work on scalping techniques that likes to steal - steal prices retrace, not necessarily there to take advantage as small as possible with a stop loss or wide enough even without a stop loss, which was always hoping for a little while retrace the origin taxable take profits, this TrendHunter work with 100% referring to the trend that is not how dare limit the benefits, with a target of a very large profit TrendHunter work only in Stop Loss protected by a relatively small when compared with a very large TP, and maintain profits in a very careful with the placement Trailing Stop far enough, or equal to the stop loss level.

TrendHunter EA, never let go of any opportunities that occur according to the programmed pattern in it. TrendHunter will always take a position on the pattern occurs again though not in the closed position, regardless of an existing position has always taken the position TrendHunter re-occur again when the pattern can also Sell and buy, depending on the condition that the pattern occurs, and it is a supporter of profit and good risk management, indirectly if the profit position and pattern of action re-ordered in the same position that was similar to maximize the benefits that already exist, and if the opposite action was meant to locking both profit or loss is indirectly .

EA TrenHunter we refer to the currency USDJPY 4H period, although we do not limit the client's creativity in using TrendHunter, it caused because of the trials we have done many - times, TrendHunter worked very best in USDJPY currency 4H period.

Try to note the Performance Graph below TrendHunter, as a reference for the study and consider EA as an employee TrendHunter engine to your trading account.

Picture the graph above is a graph of the increase in equity trading transactions undertaken by TrendHunter EA, the USDJPY Currency Time Frame 4 Hours (H4), since 2006.04.12 16:00 - 2009.08.24 12:00, which in the beginning of the Margin USD . 3000 and developed into CAD. 26,365, or almost 1000%.

Also note the picture below;

The picture above is a graph of the increase in Equity trasnsaksi results TrendHunter conducted by EA, the USDJPY Currency Time Frame 1 Minute (M1) starting from 2009.03.12 21:02 to 2009.09.01 09:34, which in the beginning of the Margin USD. 1.000 and develop into CAD. 8571, or almost 1000% in 6 months, with the action per transaction is $ 0.4 Lot.

TrendHunter is a combination of the two most important things in trading of Accurate Analysis and Full Commitment in the transaction.

Also note the image below:

The picture above is a graph of the increase in Equity trasnsaksi results TrendHunter conducted by EA, on GBPJPY Currency Time Frame 30 Minute 30 Minutes (M30) 2009.06.26 23:00 - 2009.08.24 12:00, which in the beginning of the Margin USD. 3.000 and develop into CAD. 17,707 or nearly 500% within 2 months, with the action per transaction is $ 0.4 Lot

How To Have TrendHunter:

EA TrendHunter we do not sell, you can have it the way we rent to a price RP. 4,500,000.00 per year, or you can use for free with how to share profits with us, you simply open an account in one of the commission houses both abroad and at home which we refer to use us as an agent and a profit sharing agreement for 60 : 40, you as the owner of the funds is entitled to 60% and we as a trader and provider of robots right 40% of the total profit per lot.

So quick that the information can we present and for all your wisdom, our Team Professortrader behalf, say many thanks, and good for all the mistakes that we intentionally or not our purpose, we are sorry that for - great.

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